The Challenge

JRF in York works to highlight the issues of people and places in poverty and help create communities where everyone can thrive along with a more equal society, now and for future generations.

The organisation employs 200 people who are based in a handful of different locations in and around York. Many are care workers or direct labour operatives, so have no access to a computer.

To improve and develop communication within their organisation, JRF wanted to produce an engaging, regular printed internal newsletter to reach all employees, but on a tight budget.

The Project

The introduction of the magazine came at the same time as a refresh of their corporate brand so we created a fresh design that brought the brand to life, with plenty of movement and space for pictures.

We wanted to make sure that each edition would be easy for the client to produce so we worked with JRF’s internal communication officer at the time to help him source, plan and write engaging copy. We also gave him a masterclass in how to take pictures that capture the essence of the story and brilliant moments.

The Result

The JRF team has risen to the challenge. Regular correspondents established around the sites now supply the team with strong story leads each edition and articles are written to length, in house style, and with good quality photos.

RED oversees the design, print and delivery of the newsletter, which is produced 10 times a year. Informal audience feedback is excellent.

News Bytes has been running for six years and has won multiple awards from the Institute of Internal Communication including Class Winner for the Success on a Shoestring award.

“Great communication – regular contact and updates meant I always knew where we were with the magazine’s production. RED clearly know how to put together an effective staff magazine and this expertise helped fill in my own gaps in knowledge of this area.”
Jamie Potter, JRF


"RED has been superb at managing the design and print elements and we've never missed a deadline."

Jamie Potter, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

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