The Challenge

Anglian Water worked with a wide range of customers, stakeholders and business leaders to develop its long-term business plan.

As a result, they’ve agreed 10 outcomes they want to achieve for their customers, the environment, local communities and the economy.

One of these is ‘To create a flourishing environment, for nature and everyone’ so the company has drawn up a Biodiversity Strategy and a Biosecurity Guide to help explain their plans and goals on this front.

Our brief was to take these rather dry business documents and transform them into engaging printed booklets that employees working out in the field could understand, adopt and use to protect the environment and the company and educate others.

The Project

Anglian Water relies on the environment to provide the 1.1 billion litres of water it supplies to customers every day and so recognises the vital role it plays in safeguarding it.

Their Biodiversity Strategy needed to set out what employees have to do to protect and enhance wildlife on its land at places like Rutland Water and across the region and how this contributes to the success of the company. It also needs to show how the company aims to meet government nature conservation targets.

Another important factor affecting the business is the increasing invasion of non-native species which is causing environmental and economic damage in the region.

The Biosecurity Guide needed to explain what invasive non-native species are, why they matter and what employees can do to protect colleagues, assets and processes. Both books needed to complement each other and be sturdy and compact so that employees out in the field could keep them ready to hand in their trucks, vans and cars.

The Result

Everything was designed to Anglian Water’s unique ‘Love Every Drop’ branding to help staff visually identify with and emotionally connect to the company’s ethos.

We designed the Biosecurity Guide at A5 size to be stored neatly in vehicles and printed on 150gsm silk paper to give it some strength and resilience, while the strategy was printed on an uncoated stock to give it an ‘earthy’ feel and convey the environmental nature of its subject.

Both are bright, colourful and engaging but still maintain their serious intent. The use of large photos helps employees recognise species when out in the field and illustrative graphics bring to life the issues and make them engaging to read and easy to understand.

The client, Chris Gerrard, Anglian Water’s Natural Catchment and Biodiversity Manager, was delighted with the results.

“Anglian Water is seen as an industry leader in dealing with invasive non-native species and this booklet has maintained our leadership position.

“There is great demand from construction companies that work with us too. They’re providing the booklet to their people so they can manage their own biosecurity risks.

“We have shared our Biodiversity Strategy with external stakeholders such as our regulators and environmental charities and have received great feed back from them, both on the design and content.”



"Simply amazing. I set RED Publications a big challenge to take a very dry and complicated subject and bring it all to life. We needed our employees to read, understand and use these documents and that’s what they’re doing. They own them. We achieved our objectives thanks to the design of these documents."

Chris Gerrard, Anglian Water

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