Taking to the skies

Landing change at London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport (LLA) is one of the UK’s largest airports, serving over 17 million passengers annually. LLA recently invested over £160 million to transform the airport and increase capacity to 18 million passengers by 2020. It's a pivotal time in LLA’s history – involving colleagues and bringing them on the journey will be key to success.

We were appointed as the airport’s official Internal Communication partner in 2019, supporting LLA’s first Internal Communications and Engagement Lead. Together, we’ve laid strong internal communication foundations – including a new internal communication identity and channels mix to reach all employees – and have set benchmarks for swift improvement.

To help measure the success so far, and set the agenda for the year to come, we helped the airport to run its first all-employee internal communication and engagement survey.

The aim of the survey was to baseline employee feelings towards past, current and future internal communication and invite colleagues to share their views. The results? Eighty three per cent of colleagues say they are very well informed or well informed, compared to 48.6 per cent six months ago. The percentage of colleagues who feel very well informed jumped from 3.8 per cent to an impressive 20.7 per cent.

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