Flushed with success

Keep it Clear is Anglian Water’s pioneering, transformational behaviour change programme. Launched in 2011, it aims to educate people on the problem of blockages caused by fats, oils and grease being put down the sink, or wipes and other sanitary waste being flushed down the toilet.

We helped the UK’s number one water company communicate the key messages of ‘Keep it Clear’ in novel, new ways to employees, stakeholders and customers to maintain momentum and further reduce pipe and pump blockages.

We created a raft of materials ranging from fridge magnets to branded toilet rolls. We even designed and printed ‘scratch and sniff’ leaflets which explained the problems caused by blocked pipes…we dare you to give them a smell!

The result was a sustainable 52 per cent reduction in blockages and a reduction in pipe blockages of 30 per cent in target areas. This is helping to save the company millions of pounds and improve business performance and customer service.

This project was named ‘Campaign of the Year’ in the Institute of Internal Communication awards.

Anglian Water employees have also created a groundswell of public awareness that has pushed leading retailers to include prominent ‘Do not flush’ warning stickers on packaging for non-flushable wet wipes.

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