Discovery and delivery for Volkswagen intranet strategy


As Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) UK continues to innovate, it needs the right tools to give colleagues the latest news, information and resources to achieve its goals. The Communications Team wanted to replace the existing intranet with a platform better able to evolve with its ambitions, but first needed an intranet strategy to clearly understand the needs, both of users and the business.

Our specialist partner, 44 Digital, were invited to help the VWFS Communications Team develop their understanding, and offer guidance on the best possible intranet strategy to meet multiple requirements.

They ran workshops with colleagues, stakeholders and the employee forum, and conducted research into the most suitable products on the market. All their findings came together in a 40-page intranet strategy report showing 11 key themes of development, six further opportunities to explore, eight user profiles, a current technology landscape map, and a features wish list.

The Discovery Report helped the Communications Team illustrate the intranet strategy opportunities to wider stakeholders, and focus their attention on precisely what colleagues said they want and need. The team were able to subsequently plan and deliver the intranet knowing they had the best possible start point.

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