Innovating with Vodafone virtual reality


The Director of Customer Service and Operations at Vodafone was set to present the company’s new digital strategy to a room of 80 senior colleagues. With a brief to propose something different to another PowerPoint presentation, it was down to our specialist partner, 44 Digital, to come up with a more engaging and exciting way to bring Vodafone’s new digital strategy to life.

To link with the digital innovation theme, they created a Vodafone virtual reality experience to take place after the presentation. Using a branded headset, users could explore three Vodafone virtual reality rooms which represented different parts of the digital strategy – one for today, one for the immediate future, and one for the not-so-distant future. To make the experience as interactive as possible, each room had different soundbites and moving images. The idea was to instil a sense of pride for the journey so far, and to generate excitement and enthusiasm for the future.

The presentation was a success and 70 of the 80 leaders stayed to take part in the virtual reality activity. Using an immersive experience to share the strategy made it easier for the leaders to visualise, as well as being much more memorable, which made the presentation resonate more clearly and for longer.

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