Digital tonic for Tarmac’s ailing employee magazine


Despite a strong history, One Magazine – a crucial tool for Tarmac employee communication – had lost its way and was no longer doing the vital job of reflecting and celebrating the work of Tarmac’s 7,000-strong team. It was up to our specialist partner, 44 Digital, to breathe a new lease of life into the channel, and transform it into a must-read resource.

The revitalised One Magazine needed to be an interesting, informative and relevant snapshot of life at Tarmac, which spoke to employees and celebrated their hard work. Simplicity and inclusivity were key to their vision. Short, punchy content and quality portrait photography which gave an insight into the front line built a light, but essential read. As well as the all-new print employee communication channel, we introduced a corresponding online channel to really maximise engagement.

The new magazine and website have become important resources for the Tarmac employee communication team and for colleagues around the business. In its first two weeks, 953 unique users enjoyed One Online, on average looking at five pages per session for almost five minutes.

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